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At mindzone, we are one of the prominent names for website promotional services in Lucknow, Kanpur India. We are offering affordable seo packages, professional seo services, and local seo services at affordable price. With over extensive years of marketing experience in both online and offline campaigns, we tend to provide online marketing strategies to our worldwide clientele and this has helped us to add up profitable online presence day by day. Under the internet marketing activities, we perform successful services like SEO services, PPC services, inbound marketing, Social Media marketing, landing page design and many others. This is our forte and we work hard in delivering the best in all the aspect.

Since internet marketing is regarded as the marketing activities that we do online, we look to move towards our motto that is to satisfy our clientele through 100% satisfaction through the result. We are one of the reputed seo companies in India, work as a team and work towards bringing-up that transformation, which is required so as to help a business gain rich dividends in a short span of time. With perfect SEO services availed from us you would be able to grab an optimal budget from the business.

We are set by definite goal, which is to create a dynamic element in terms of online marketing. Our goal is crystal clear in front of us and with the help of dexterous and dedicated team of professionals, we are about to provide lucrative services in terms of internet marketing. By taking the SEO services from us you would be get maximum exposure, lead, visitors as well as hits every day. This will in turn allow you to earn business out of it. In addition to this, we also work in such a manner so as to dethrone the competitors that comes to your path and let you win the race easily. You can opt for social media optimization services as well.

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Web site Analysis

Website analysis is the 1st process that is done by our SEO expert. We first analyze your whole web site just to find any on page optimization mistakes. We analyze your Webs page whether they are optimized or not. Is there any broken links in your website or not etc.

Keyword Analysis

Keyword Analysis is the key process in the SEO strategy. We discover the best keywords that according your website needs. We search several types of keyword that can help to improve your ranking in Google and can profit your business. This step will select which keywords your Website will come on the first page of

Discovery & Strategy Phase

Every professional web portal design project kicks off with a discovery as well as sophisticated strategy phase. Here, experienced web design team hold various other important sources including web strategists, account managers, web designers, and technical managers. They do discuss with the clients that what they exactly need and required. The outcome holds a documented timeline, a detailed project plan, and a web strategy to accomplish the project in a great way.

SEO Strategy Method

SEO strategy is the technique by which we decide how your website SEO should begin. SEO strategy depends upon web site. If on page optimization is full then we can begin with off page-optimization and if on page is not optimized than we first start with your pages of the website and so go to OFF page optimization. So, it all depends upon web site and hence we will follow a useful SEO planning.

Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis is another most important view of SEO strategy. Competitive analysis means we analyze your competitor web site as a way to discover why your competitor web site is coming on Top results on Google. We analyze their Meta tag like title, descriptive, keyword tag as well as to find a way that will help to make your website on top pages on Google.

Local Search Optimization

Local search optimization means your web site is present by the people of your state. Local search Engine spiels a really important part in order to get traffic from your state. it will help to promote Business locally. Hence increasingly people will discover who you are and what your business is.

Search Engine Friendly Design

Growing business sites are those sites may be SEO friendly. SEO friendly mean that Google or any other search engine is able to read your site. In order to make your web site Search engine friendly we do different kinds of work on web site like recovering your navigation URL, Remove any broken links etc.


We make reports to your website delivery on weekly, monthly base. So that you can know your website ranking is bettered while we are doing our Search engine optimization. It will help you know about status rise in the search engines.

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